ben under a tree
ben under a tree

Benjamin H Lee

Hey, I'm Ben! I like building helpful things.

I'm working on a few projects, including:

  • Itinator: find your people across time and space,
  • figuring out who at Brown is building/into startups,
  • and a project on eating good noodles.

A list of past projects is forthcoming. For now I've written a bit about my two past startup attempts. If you're really dying for more, you can find me on linkedin and @benleejamin.

Please feel free to get in touch! I love meeting new people and re-meeting old friends. I also appreciate feedback, if you have any:


Learn about me / my values / my experiences. Comments are always welcome; feedback is a gift. I'm always looking for more reviewers, so let me know if you'd like to read my unreleased drafts.